Special Events planning software to organize party events, sell tickets, register attendees and manage guests

Quickly set up your customized Special Event or party webpage to invite guests, offer online attendee registration and secure payments

  • Quickly establish presence online - perfect for charities, galas, parties
  • Track ticket sales in real time
  • Attendee registration is convenient and 24/7
  • Develop online marketing and e-mail lists, generated automatically
Previous Clients Include: Hewlett Packard, CISV Canada, Esther Honey Foundation (NZ), etc.

Event organizers

  • Simplify planning and boost attendance
  • Easily manage attendees and event finances (via Excel reports)
  • Start accepting credit cards within minutes, even without having done so before
  • Very low fees

Your custom event webpage

  • Customized webpage promotes your event online
  • Special pricing and early-bird registration options
  • Accept payments online within minutes of signing up:

Ticket buyers

  • Register online, 24/7, world wide
  • Instantly receive cusomizable e-tickets by email
  • Secure payments with all major credit cards
  • No Advertising