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Featured Event
In August 2008, Canadian Motocross rider Blair Morgan suffered a severe injury. Using his friends and supporters raised over $20,000 in just three weeks to support his care. allowed Blair's supporters to:
  • Sell t-shirts online
  • Sell tickets to fundraisers in two different cities
  • Gather info from fans with an integrated online survey
  • Accept donations from sponsors and fans all over North America
According to fundraising coordinator Wayne Madsen:
" is working great for us. Surprisingly, it's selling as much for us as eBay." also allowed fans to leave comments to show how much they support Blair. Said one fan:
        Blair, You have been my true inspiration to snow-cross racing. Ever since I started when I was 6, you have been what puts me on the track, because I want to be like you. Now 11 years down the road, you are still my inspiration. You are the one that has inspired me to become a Semi-Pro national racer. You truly made the sport of snow-cross what it is today. I will continue to dedicate every race to you, Blair. I will ride to be like 7c. Thank you Blair.  
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