Workshop and conference registrations online. Easily build websites that improve conference/workshop administration and communication

Accept registration online, Easy administration and communication using our guest management solution

  • Quickly establish presence online - replace paper forms and manual registration, data-entry
  • Track registrationss in real time
  • Attendee registration is convenient and available 24/7
  • Generate online marketing and e-mail lists automatically
Previous Clients Include: Queen's University, Harvard Business School, High Speed Rail Link Toronto, etc.


  • Simplify workshop or conference event planning and boost attendance using online management software
  • Stay organized with up-to-date directory of names, emails, payment status, preferences, hotel bookings, answers to your online survey, etc.
  • Build up targeted mailing lists and promote future events

Your custom webpage

  • Custom homepage to promote the Conference or your Workshops
  • Special pricing, registration tiers and early-bird registration options
  • Registration forms online for workshops, speakers, events or conferences
  • Accept payments online within minutes of signing up:


  • Register online, 24/7, world wide
  • Receive proof-of-registration by e-mail instantly
  • Secure payments with all major credit cards
  • No Advertising