Accept membership registrations online!

Registration software puts annual membership registration forms online and collects dues. Members sign-up online, making it easy to manage your club/association

  • Quickly enable online membership registration - remove administrative work
  • Track memberships in real time
  • No technical skills or IT professionals required
  • Develop online marketing and e-mail lists are generated automatically - send notifications or events to all members with a few clicks
Membership Registration Clients Include: Hewlett Packard, SBC Canada, etc.

Club/Association leaders

  • Securely accept membership dues online within minutes of sign up (no tech skills req'd)
  • Effective member administration with up-to-date directory of names, emails, payment status, preferences etc.
  • Build up selective targeted member mailing lists to promote future events
  • Simplify event planning, boost attendance

Your membership webpage

  • Easily customized webpage facilitates registrations and event sign-ups
  • Special pricing options for pre-registration and different member categories
  • Accept payments online within minutes of signing up:


  • Register online, 24/7, world wide
  • Instantly receive registration confirmation by email
  • Secure payments and No advertising