Questions Help

This step is meant to provide you the opportunity to ask questions to your attendees. You have a choice of asking no questions, or asking several types of questions. The system is built to be flexible for many different types of questions and this page is meant to help guide you to either use or ignore this optional feature.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about questions
When would I ask no questions vs. asking questions?
Ask No Questions - you may not want any additional information beyond name and email from your attendees, which we force to come by default. If so, please press “Ask no questions”

However, if you want to ask your attendees questions about their preferences for the event, or many other types of information, we give you the ability to do so. Remember all responses will be organized cleanly in Excel to make it easy for you to collect information from your attendees.
What do I put in the “Question Text” and “Possible Answers” fields? Do I need to put something in both of them?
This is how you define the questions and potential answers your attendees will select.

For some types of questions you are required to put something in both fields (e.g. for what meal will you have, you would define the options: Beef, Chicken, Fish, Vegitarian)

For other questions you will not need to enter anything in the “Possible Answers” field, but you will need to put something in the “Question text field” (e.g. for song requests, you would not specify any answers but you would put something in the question field).

Question types where only the first field “Question text” must be completed and the “Possible answers” field is left blank.
  • Text box
  • Numeric value
  • Rank order
Question types where only the “Possible answers” field is required.
  • Pull down menu
  • Select all that apply
  • Select one from a list
How do I remove a question?
Select any one of
  • “------ Common Questions -----------“
  • “------ Custom Questions -----------“
  • “------ No Question -----------“
and the system will skip and remove that question.
What are the common questions?
Here we have tried to help predict a few common questions you may want to ask your attendees. Feel free to remove any of these if they are not useful
5. What are the custom questions? Can you show me an example of the different types of questions (Pull down menu, Select all that apply, Text box, Numeric value, Rank order, Select one from a list)?
Custom questions allow you to take general question types and use them however you need.
  • Text box – allows any text as the response (e.g. Do you have a request?)

  • Numeric value – allows any number as a response, looks the same as above (e.g. How many times have you attended this event in the past?)
  • Rank order – forces attendees to rank all the options (e.g. Please rank (1=highest) your preference for the movie to be shown?)

  • Pull down menu – a drop down menu with several options but only one answer (e.g. Please vote for your preferred individual?)

  • Select all that apply – allows users to specify several options (e.g. Which of these issues would you like the speaker to discuss?)

  • Select one from a list – similar to the pull down menu but a different presentation, with radio buttons (e.g. Please vote for your preferred individual?)

What does the “Question Required” checkbox do?
This forces your attendee to answer this question. For example, if you are asking about meal preference and you have to place the order with caterers in advance of the event, you will check this box and require that anyone buying a ticket provides a response to that question. For other questions, attendees may be able to buy tickets without needing to respond to a question (e.g. send comments to the organizer)
What do the checkboxes below “Categories to ask” do?
This allows you to tailor what questions are asked to what ticket categories. Say you have a conference and on Day 1 you can attend speaker A or B and on Day 2 you can attend speaker C or D.

If this were the case you could create two questions, as per the image below.
I am having problems with my questions, they save one time and next time I cannot find them, what can I do?
We apologize for any inconveniences caused. Please email us at . We will have our technical staff look at your problem and get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience