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How do you receive payments from attendees?
  When your attendees purchase a ticket or register for your event using your custom event webpage, you instantly receive payment directly into your PayPal account
When do I pay fees for this service?
  You Must pay a small fee at two points:

In order to accept payment cia credit card, PayPal charges a small fee at the moment of payment which is deducted from the amount your attendees pay.

When you download the up-to-date Attendee List information from your SellYourEvents account, you pay a second smaller fee from your paypal account.
What will my total fees amount to?
Fees depend on the currency you accept for payments. Select one:
PayPal Fees:
SellYourEvent Fees:

Fee Calculator
  Not sure what fees to charge? Use this calculator to see what fees we recommend you charge to cover your PayPal and SellYourEvents fees
Enter Ticket Price / Registration Fee Recommended PayPal Recovery Fee Recommended SellYourEvents Recovery Fee