Love and Laughter

Starting at 7:00 P.M. until 9:00 P.M.
On August 29, 2009
Paramount Theatre
Love and Laughter Tour
In marriages, many are facing hard times and economic fears and as a result have decided to call it quits. In retrospect, their reasons of giving up often seem trivial—and regrettable. We see diminished affection, forgiveness and love in many relationships today.  So many in the World are affected by constantly changing times. We become overwhelmed with uncertainty; our efforts to “keep things afloat” begin to not only affect the individual but directly affect marriages—its luster and zeal—and cause us to forget what it truly means to be “In Love.”
The Love and Laughter Tour performed by Singer Songwriter Marcus Cole and Funny Man D L Henry will ignite the passion and tingly feelings  felt by those in love. Single viewers will be encouraged in knowing that love is real and that “Joy and Excitement” still exists among lovers. This dynamic duo—singer and comic—will leave any audience refreshed, revitalized and rejoiced.
Marcus Cole’s innovative lyrics of great ardor and delight will take you to a space and time when ecstasy was undeniable. Whether acappella or with music from a live band, Singer Marcus Cole will deliver a magnificent performance every time. As an added benefit, Marcus Cole is a motivational speaker whose insightful words illuminate through harmonious sounds of melody. His fifteen years of marriage and triumph through trying times has given Cole a strong appreciation of love and marriage and a passion to want the same for others. Marcus Cole uses his expressions of song to influence fondness and sensitivity in his listeners.
Funny Man “DL Henry” knows how to “Wow” a crowd with side-cracking and air-gasping tells of life in the hood, love of his high school sweetheart, and everyday experiences that any age, race, and culture can understand and relate. DL Henry delivers his message in a way that allows his audience to live a part of his life while at the same time allowing the audience to see themselves in similar moments--all though fits of laughter.  His impression lasts long after the show is over leaving humorous thoughts and relevant quotes in the minds of viewers.
Book this combination duo of singing and comedy today and we are confident that after the show, you will want to schedule another. These artists set out to bring “Love and Laughter” back. Your audience will take from this tour more than just a quickie concert accompanied by a good laugh, but will receive committed artists who are known to make a difference in the lives of those they touch.

Paramount Theatre
139 S. Center
Goldsboro, North Carolina
United States of America

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