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Mom and Tot Drama, Music and Movement – this is a great way for moms to bond with baby in a creative, fun, way. Favourite songs, new ways to move and dance and the dramatic arts make this a fun class for mom and tot alike. (18 months – 2 ½ )

Broadway Babies – A special class for Preschool aged children encouraging them to express themselves through music, drama and dance. Students will learn beginning techniques in all three disciplines and have a lot of fun.    (Ages 2 ½  -4)

Princess Pre-Dance- Your little one will learn the preliminaries of Ballet in a fun, engaging way. Fairytales are used as the base for the dances. (Ages 2 ½ -4)

Broadway Tots – the same as Broadway Babies accommodating cognitive and physical development changes in the older preschooler/kindergartener.(Ages 3-5)

Primary Musical Theatre/Drama  same description as Musical Theatre plus a drama improve component – (ages 6-9)

Musical Theatre – The focus of this course is to teach students how to become a “triple threat” (singing, acting and dancing) in one of the most popular styles – Broadway. Current Broadway material will be used in both classes. (Junior – ages 8-11/ Senior - ages 12 and up)

New!!!!   Musical Theatre Company – Junior, Senior and Pre-Professional Company classes are by audition-only. The auditions for 2008/2009 are June 20/21 - call the studio for details () These classes will be an integral part of the Christmas and Spring production. In addition they will compete in festival this year. This is for the advanced and dedicated singer/ actor/dancer. Each class will be limited to 10 students. We are looking for girls and boys for these groups.  (Junior Ages 10-13   Senior Ages 14-18)

Comedy Improv (Currently combined into the Acting classes Wednesday nights) –The secrets of spontaneity revealed! In the same vein as “Whose Line it Anyway” students will learn improvisational techniques and develop scenes and comedy sketches. The techniques taught in this course are the same improvisational techniques used by many Hollywood and stage performers (including Robin Williams). (Junior – ages 8-11/ Senior – ages 12 and up)

Acting – Character development, script analysis, and lots of exciting acting challenges make this a very popular course with amateur and professional actors alike. As well as working with traditional material, students will create their own characters and plots for study as well. (Junior – ages 8-11/ Senior ages 12 and up) – Acceptance into Level 2 is based on a successful audition)

Voice - Learn proper vocal techniques, sight reading and holding both harmony and melody while working in a variety of different styles. Students will all be encouraged to work on solos and duets in addition to the ensemble work. (Junior – ages 7-11, Senior – ages 12-16, Adult – ages 17 and up)

Audition Prep – Learn the best and most effective techniques to prepare for auditions. Covering professional theatre auditions and enrolment in post secondary and secondary arts programs, this course has everything required for a successful audition.

Stand-up Comedy – Developing the dedication to write and perform comedy can be a serious business but it’s fun to learn. This course will help future comics hone their skills in choosing comedy topics, writing jokes and delivering material. As well, this course includes tips on finding work, memorization and conquering stage fright.

Acting for Film – A course that defines and develops the subtle differences between acting for stage and for film. Students will learn the special skills required when acting for the camera including projecting believable emotions, proper movement and creating a unique performance. The course will also focus on film auditions, cold reading and memorization tips.  (Level 1 and 2)


Musical Theatre Dance Workshop - This is a new course which helps students refines skills and learn techniques from the various decades and styles used in Musical Theatre. This is a great option for students who are auditioning for Musical Theatre programs and productions.

Class Schedule










10:50- 11:30


Princess Pre-Dance

(2 ½  -4 Years)


Broadway Babies

( 2 ½  – 4 Years

Mom &Tot Drama, Music & Movement

(18months-2 ½ year)


Broadway Tots

(3-5 years)

Princess Pre-Dance

(2 ½  -4 Years)


Broadway Babies

( 2 ½  – 4 Years





(2 ½ -4 years)



Broadway Babies

( 2 1/2 - 4 years)











Private Lessons


Primary Musical Theatre/Drama



Private Lessons


Private Lessons

Junior Musical Theatre Company(By audition only)



Theatre (6-7pm)



Audition Preparation


Senior Musical Theatre Company (By audition only)



(Level 1)

Acting for Film

Level 1




Musical Theatre

Dance Workshop

Pre-Professional company

By Audition only



(Level 2)


By Audition Only

Acting For Film

Level 2




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Summer Musical Theatre Camp (July session 1) 375.00 --
Summer Musical Theatre Camp (July session 2) 375.00 --
Summer Musical Theatre Camp (Aug session 1) 375.00 --
March Break Camp 210.00 --
Mom and Tot Drama, Music and Movement (Yr Sept-Jun) 490.00 --
Broadway Babies - TUES - ( Yr Sept-Jun) 490.00 --
Broadway Babies - THURS -(Yr Sept-Jun) 490.00 --
Princess Pre-Dance - TUES - (Yr Sept-Jun) 490.00 --
Princess/Broadway Combo SAT (YR Sept-Jun) 650.00 --
Princess Pre-Dance - SAT - (Yr Sept-Jun) 450.00 --
Broadway Tots (Yr Sept-Jun) 490.00 --
Primary Musical Theatre/Drama (Yr Sept-Jun) 520.00 --
Junior Musical Theatre (Yr Sept-Jun) 520.00 --
Senior Musical Theatre (Yr Sept-Jun) 520.00 --
Musical Theatre Company - Junior - (Yr Sept-Jun) 520.00 --
Musical Theatre Company - Senior - (Yr Sept-Jun) 520.00 --
Musical Theatre Company - Pre-Professional - (Yr Sept-Jun) 520.00 --
Comedy Improv (Yr Sept-Jun) 520.00 --
Acting - Level I (Yr Sept-Jun) 520.00 --
Acting - Level II (Yr Sept-Jun) 520.00 --
Voice (Yr Sept-Jun) 520.00 --
Audition Prep (Yr Sept-Jun) 520.00 --
Stand-Up Comedy (Yr Sept-Jun) 520.00 --
Broadway Babies SAT (Yr Sept-Jun) 450.00 --
Musical Theatre Dance Workshop- Sept-June 520.00 --
Acting for Film (Yr Sept-Jun) 520.00 --
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Total: --

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