Category Help

Categories are meant to help you define prices / characteristics for different attendees. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about categories.
What is a category? What are some examples?
Each category should correspond with a different class or type of attendee. For example if you want to charge different prices for participating in different parts of your event, each price should have its own category. Similarly, if there are restrictions on the number of attendees that can select specific options, that too should be a category. It is built to be as flexible as your event is.

Here are a few examples:

For a party
Category #1 – Admit One

For a dance
Category #1 – dance only
Category #2 – dinner & dance
- or -
Category #1 – Single ticket
Category #2 – Couple ticket

For a sports tournament
Category #1 – U-21 division Men’s
Category #2 – U-25 division Men’s
Category #3 – U-21 division Women’s
Category #4 – U-25 division Women’s

For a conference
Category #1 – Full weekend pass
Category #2 – Saturday only
Category #3 – Sunday only

Club event
Category #1 – Member price
Category #2 – Non-member price
How many categories do I need for my event?
It depends! How many different services do you want to offer – or prices? If you have only one type of ticket but want to have an early bird price, you’ll want 2 categories. Similarly if you have an event where people can come to either a morning/afternoon/evening section you’ll want 3 categories, one for each.

Typically events will have different options that will have cost or capacity restrictions. If you want to allow your attendees to select different options you’ll need categories. See above for some examples.
What does “Capacity” mean?
This field specifies how many people in total can attend your event. For events where you have only one category, such as “Admit One” tickets for a party with a capacity of 200 attendees, you would enter 200. If you don't have a maximum capacity, you can enter 50,000 and this should not sell out.

For events where you have multiple categories you have two options:
  1. If you have specific capacity limits for each of your categories, you can enter these values in the boxes provided under “Capacity per Category”. The number you enter in each box should equal the total number of people you can admit for the matching category.
  2. If you don't have specific capacity limits for each of your categories, you can enter a cummulative capacity for your entire event in the box directly under “Total no. of people for Event”. The number you enter should equal the total number of people you will have space for at your event.
To help you figure out which option best suits your needs, please refer to the following examples:

Example 1: You are organizing a sports tournament for 4 teams. You have 4 categories named “Team 1”, “Team 2”, “Team 3”, and “Team 4”, and one registration spot for each category accounts for 1 person. Each team can have up to 20 people, so in the boxes directly under “Capacity per Category” you would enter “20” for teams 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Example 2: You are planning a weekend getaway and are offering hotel passes for couples and families. You have 2 categories named “Couple” and “Family”, and one “Couple” pass accounts for 2 people, while one “Family” pass accounts for 4. Say you only have 15 couples rooms and 5 family rooms available, then in the boxes directly under “Capacity per category” you would enter “30” for the “Couple” category (15 passes x 2 people per pass = 30) and “20” for the family category (5 passes x 4 people per pass = 20).

Example 3: You are registering members and non-members for a training course. You have 2 categories named “Member” and “Non-member”, and each registration spot accounts for one person. You don't mind if you have more members than non-members, or vice versa, you just want to make sure you don't have more than 300 people. So, you would leave the boxes directly under Capacity per category” blank, and put “300” in the box directly under “Total no. of people for Event”.
Does the “Calculate recommended fees” button attach fees to my ticket categories?
No. Once you enter a price, the button calculates rough fees so that if you wanted to charge the service fees directly to your attendees you can add them in the fields above.