Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a PayPal account to set up events?
Yes, if you are charging for entry to your event, you will need a PayPal account (you don’t need one for free events). With a free PayPal account, you can receive payment directly online from your custom event website. Getting a PayPal account is free and registration is quick, and we’ll let you know how to do it when you are setting up your event. We’ll prompt you to get an account when you need one, but if you can’t wait to find out more about PayPal right now, please see !
Do customers need PayPal accounts to buy?
No. Customers can pay with any number of credit cards that PayPal supports (Visa, MasterCard, etc.), or if they have a PayPal account, they can pay with that too.
What do customers get as a receipt or proof of purchase?
Electronic ticket(s) are emailed to attendees, much like airline tickets. The printable electronic ticket is their receipt. It will contain your event’s address (so that attendees know where to find your event) along with their individual purchase ID number (so you or your event staff can be confident in letting in only attendees who have paid).
Can I change details for an event once my event webpage has gone live online? Can I stop sales at any time?
Yes and yes. You can edit events that are already live online and change information about timing, venue, etc. To stop sales of an event you simply need to change the number of spots available to the number that have been sold to date, that way the event appears sold out and there will be no more sales.
Can I see the status of sales in real-time?
Yes. You have access to an EventManager that provides all info about your event in real-time: how many attendees have registered, how much revenue has been received, fees, attendee names, etc. We allow you to download a attendee-list with full information in Microsoft Excel.
Is there a return policy for purchases?
Not at this time. Returns have to be done manually if required.
Can I collect info about my attendees at the same time as they buy?
Yes. It’s easy: For every ticket that’s sold, we allow you to ask attendees for any info you might need. For example, you can ask custom-made questions about anything from meal preferences or dietary restrictions to song requests! It’s part of our service and the results come at no extra charge.
Can I use for events without any cost? Is this free?
Yes and yes. If you having a free event, you can use to help organize it easily. And if you’re not charging for an event, neither are we – all free events are no charge to the event organizer, and you get many of the same features as you would for a paying event!!!